Engineering consultants with many years of experience

Skejbyparken Aarhus

Well known in the industry

JPH Energy Inc. is among Denmark’s most experienced engineering consultants within energy plants such as CHP plants, steam and boiler facilities, biogas units, heat pumps and large electric boilers.

We have several years of experience and have helped to implement a long range of gas- and diesel-based CHP plants in Denmark, Greenland, and England.

We always prepare a foundation for decision-making in cooperation with plant operators. It provides an overview and defines the economic framework on the various technical solutions and possibilities.

JPH Energy is well known in the industry within decentralized CHP and energy plants, and we get a lot of assignments through our strong network, which is extremely important to us. If you want to be part of our network, don’t hesitate to reach out.

JPH Energy Inc. provide engineering counseling on:

  • Technical energy plants
  • Electric and CHP plants
  • Boiler stations
  • Project applications
  • Biogas plants
  • Energy certification
  • Gas and transmission lines
  • Construction
  • Plumbing and electrical installations
  • Environmental requirements
  • Building permits
  • Design and modelling
  • Supervision and building management
  • Occupational health and safety coordination

​Activities abroad

JPH Energy Inc. is also active outside Denmark’s borders, for example in England and Romania, just as we are engaged in Greenland, where we are helping to establish a new CHP plant in Uummannaq. We can solve this type of tasks that start with a feasibility study because we have building expertise, process insight and experience right up to the initiation of major energy plants in Greenland.

In addition, we are also engaged in a number of processes around the large Baltic Pipe gas line, on which we are part of the consortium as technical consultants, which is also the case on the Fehmarn belt fixed link. Both are tasks where a contractor has approached us in order to utilize our knowledge.